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Grow Faster, Organic, & abundant

What Is A  Torpedopot?

A  Torpedopot is the Worlds First Self-Growing Planter. Through new technology and innovation, Torpedopot has completely changed and revolutionized growing, as well as gardening plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits like never before.



    Why Torpedopot?

Torpedopot is a containerized self-growing gardening system with a built in fully automated pressurized plumbing system that waters your plants for you. The internal plumbing valves distribute water and nutrients to your plants to create an awesome fungal environment that plants love.

This self-growing planter saturates the plants root system, while preventing wilting or the collapsing of the plant caused by the lack of water pressure. This feature alone drastically improves the health and beauty of the plants. Torpedopot aids in the photosynthesis and respiration process. The self-growing planter has been designed to help your plants, live and look luscious. Indoor plants and outdoor vegetables would yield tremendous growth.





  •  95% Less Water Required

  • Customized Growth

  • Connect Multiple Planters on 1 Setup

  • Worlds First Inexpensive Cost effective System

  • Easy Setup

  • Virtually No Intervention Needed

  • Grows organically

  •  Blocks pest

  • Soil does not need replacing

  • Germinates seeds and grows seedlings
  • Eliminates many costsassociated with labor, equipment

Torpedopots Accessories

Common Problems, Solved For Good!!

* Keeping Fresh Products Longer / Vegetables Being High Maintenance

* Finding Farmers Markets to Get Quality Products

* Providing Organic Products without Chemicals and GMOs

* Price Fluctuations /High Food Costs

* Food Shortages / Delayed Deliveries

*Transplant Shock

* Small plants that lack flowers and may begin to look sickly

* Long waited time it takes for plants to actually grow

* Plants are growing, but are not reaching maximum potential and growth brilliance

With One Planter you can grow...

1,000 Banana Peppers

 52- Eggplants

200 – Hungarian Peppers

75 – Cucumbers

20 – Squash, Zucchini 

1,000 – Cherry Tomatoes,50 Big-boy, 50 Plum

Thousands of Herbs – Parsley, Fennel, Oregano

Mint: Chocolate, Peppermint, Spearmint, Apple-mint

Dozens of melons-Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew

Hundreds of Strawberries, Blueberries, and Kiwi

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