Brut Organic Worm Castings – 30 Lb – Garden's Elixir for Thriving Blooms & Harvests!

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Color: 30 pound


  • SUPERCHARGE YOUR GARDEN - Elevate your plants' growth with premium organic Brut Worm Castings. Our certified organic formula guarantees optimal nutrition for your garden.
  • PURE ORGANIC GOODNESS - Crafted in-house at Brut Worm Farms, our worm castings are made with certified organic ingredients and raised indoors in containers, ensuring unparalleled purity.
  • LUSH & VIBRANT PLANTS - Experience the magic of mineral-rich Brut Worm Castings that nurture plants to vibrant health and bountiful yields. Revel in flourishing greenery. ADD TO CART now.
  • BORN FROM FAMILY CARE - Brut Worm Farms, a family-owned business, takes pride in offering you the finest organic castings. Every batch nurtures your plants as if they were our own.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Our castings are not only listed with OMRI and CDFA, they're the epitome of true organic excellence, bringing the power of nature to your plants' roots.
  • MINERAL-RICH NUTRITION - Enrich your soil with Brut Worm Castings' abundance of essential minerals and nutrients. Witness the difference in your plants' vitality. Unleash growth, naturally.

Part Number: IC-PNPE-MSK3

Details: Brut Worm Farms - Premium Pure Worm Castings Soil Builder Your plants will thrive with Brut Worm Farms Premium Worm Castings Soil Builder! Designed for truly natural gardening, our earthworm castings are dark, rich, pure, and high in beneficial microbes, bacteria, and organic matter--boosting and providing long-term nourishment to your plants’ soil. Each 30-pound bag contains only the freshest, high-quality earthworm castings and nothing else. Non-toxic and odor-free, our soil builder is perfectly suited for indoors or outdoors. It’s an excellent choice for all plants, including houseplants, flowers, vegetables and more! Worm Castings Soil Builder Features & Benefits: Pure, Premium Worm Castings From Farm-Raised Earthworms in Minnesota Fresh Natural Fertilizer High in Beneficial Bacteria and Microbial Life For Organic Gardening OMRI Listed Free of Hormones and Chemicals Non-Toxic Odor Free Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use 30 Pound BagBrut Farms QualityWe offer the following advantages over other products: Consistent Quality We raise the worms ourselves, indoors, on our farm in Minnesota. Unlike other competitors, production is not outsourced so you can avoid sand, sticks and other things that don’t belong in a premium worm castings product Pure ProductOur worm castings are raised in containers indoors. Vendors who raise worms outdoors or in windrows have a difficult time ensuring 99% pure worm castings Freshest Bedding IngredientsOur peat is harvested two miles from our farm and is always fresh. Unlike other growers who are forced to buy peat that is stored outdoors for years where it dries out and loses microbial vibrancy. Our worms are not fed manure or grass clippings so there are no harmful chemicals or hormones.

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Package Dimensions: 20.0 x 14.0 x 5.0 inches